Windsock Poles and Masts

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
At McWilliam Technology we have been ?supplying Windsocks and Masts worldwide
for 25 years and are  qualified by extensive Military and Civil flying experience to fully understand Pilots’ needs.

Uses include private airstrips, flying and gliding clubs and the majority of regional and international airports across the UK including
all 5 London airports.?
We are ISO 9001:2000 certified,  we ?manufacture all our own products
in our premises to maximise quality and allow us to produce a large range of both standar
d and custom windsocks, masts and accessories.

Standard Windsock Features

•    Standard sizes 4ft to 14ft
•    Dayglo Orange Colour
•    Polyester Material
•    Snap-on type (Inc. Mouth Hoop, Harness and      Swivel Clip, picture above)
•    Lace-on type (Inc. Mouth Grommets)
•    Double stitched seams
•    UV protected coated thread

6m Mast, with Swivel Arm and 7ft Snap-on Windsock

Standard Windsock Mast Features

•    Galvanized Steel to BS 1729
•    Supplied in sections for ease of assembly
•    All tilt-down designs
•    Supplied with Swivel Arm or Frame
•    Base Post cast into concrete or bolted down
•    Manual lowering using standard rope eyes
•    Standard mast heights 3m and 6m


•    Raising and lowering winch
•    Painted finish over galvanising
•    Customer specified mast heights
Optional Windsock Features

•    Range of alternative solid colours
•    Mixed colours (e.g. Red and White banded)
•    Custom dimensions
•    Branding and lettering service

Swivel Arms

•    316 Stainless Steel Arm
•    Rubber sealed bearings
•    Acetyl plug to fit Mast
•    3 standard lengths to cover all windsocks
•    For use with Snap-on Windsocks

Swivel Frames

•    316 Stainless Steel Frame
•    Rubber sealed bearings
•    316 Stainless Steel Stub to fit mast
•    3 standard sizes
•    For use with Lace-on Windsocks

A full range of Illuminated Windsock Masts is also available:

•    Internally Illuminated (CAA CAP 437)
•    Floodlit (CAA CAP 168 Appx. 7D,     ICAO)
•    Hazardous Area (Ex Zones 1 and 2)
•    Self-Powered for Off-Grid illumination

Please contact us for further information with your specific requirements.

Manual lowering system        Optional Winch System  

Wall Mounted 3m Mast

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