Internally Lit Mast

This is our windsock solution where ICAO compliance and internal illumination are required, consisting of a Windsock Frame rotating about Internal Illumination. It is designed to clearly show wind strength and direction in all weather and light conditions. We have supplied these to a wide range of demanding customers, from the North Sea to the US, Middle East and Asia.

Standard Features

Complies with CAA and ICAO regulations where internal illumination is required to increase windsock visibility without causing glare to pilots.
Designed to withstand 100mph wind  speed.
The light source is fixed, with the windsock frame and light shield rotating around it, for maximum reliability. This removes the need for a less reliable, more expensive slip ring to transfer electrical power to a rotating light. The design is also more responsive as only the windsock frame rotates - not the heavy light.
The windsock is attached to a freely rotating cage, which is mounted
on two Stainless Steel rubber-sealed bearings for great responsiveness.

The lamp is shielded from mouth of windsock by a shroud (with reflective inside to project maximum brightness into the windsock) to prevent pilot glare.
The Frame and all metalwork is 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
Available in standard sizes 24” and 36”; Custom sizes to customer specified diameters.
Power supply 240 VAC or 110 VAC. Each unit is supplied with a 6m armoured flexible cable and IP65 rated junction box as standard.



Made from Day - Glow orange polyester, longer lasting than nylon or cotton.
Double stitched with marine grade thread for

Attached to frame with supplied set of UV
resistant cable ties.

Standard type is 3.6m / 12ft  long for 36” model, 2.1m / 7ft for 24” model.


Obstruction Light mounted above windsock
  (Part # OB for GLS or CFL lamp, OBLED for
  LED type)

LED Illumination and / or Obstruction Light.
Range of AC or DC power, including self
sufficient solar and wind power.
Weatherproof light switch instead of junction
box, available at two levels:

IP65 rated simple switch
IP65 rated switch enclosure including built-in
photocell, RCBO and 3 way switches to
allow a utomatic control via photocell or manual override.
Alternative Windsock length, diameter and

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